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About Us

Agrobrasilia is a biotech company that promotes biomass solutions for the production of renewable products, such as bioethanol, nano materials and organic nutrients for animal and crop feed. Our company has revolutionized the biotech space by ensuring a zero waste methodology - from the raw material to the end products, sourced from either Energy Cane or Sorghum. We work with partners to integrate patented solutions into our own, in order to guarantee successful outcomes.... Read More

Our People

Our transparent dealings, consistent principles and work ethics inspire trust in all who interact with our Organization.

Our Business

Our customers rely on us to provide them with creative solutions for their sourcing. We also provide alternative supply..

Our Responsibility

Introduced in 2010, Agrobrasilia’s Integrated Management System (AIMS) standardizes all Group operational processes..

Corporate Profile

Agrobrasilia International was founded in 1997 as a Fertilizer and Raw Materials brokerage firm, focused mainly on trading across continental Africa. We began our expansion into Global Agricultural Commodities exports in 2010, and with our ever-expanding commodities trading portfolio, we began to focus on the robust Agriculture sector in Brazil. We are poised and ready to become your most trusted partner in commodities trading.


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