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Delivery Cycle
  • We are professionals who ensure Quality, Trust & Reliability in all of our activities. When you trade with us, YOU the buyer will never have anxiety questions that could take a toll on you. We operate in total Transparency, and address questions such as – What follows the enquiry? - How soon will I get my product? - How long are the prices valid? - What are the payment terms? And more…

  • We take a step-by-step approach to help your business by ensuring a steadfast policy to guarantee Transparency in all of our activities. The following business process flow chart outlines our activities in this regard.

Flow Chart

Procedure For Letter of Credit Transactions

  • Buyer confirms Purchase Order by email and informs Agrobrasilia via email, of intent to use T/T for Advance/Down payment, and provide Letter of Credit for the balance.
  • Agrobrasilia issues Pro forma Invoice and Sales Contract, specifying type of L/C to be initiated.
  • Buyer executes Pro forma and Contract and sends to Agrobrasilia.
  • Buyer and Agrobrasilia agree on Pricing and Terms
  • Buyer effectuates the Advance/Down payment and sends Agrobrasilia the draft of the L/C – once accepted, Buyer opens L/C account.
  • Agrobrasilia ships the commodities upon receipt of the Down payment and L/C.
  • Agrobrasilia gives shipping documents to negotiating Bank in Brazil.
  • Escrow Bank in Brazil conducts due diligence and authenticates the documents.
  • Escrow bank pays Agrobrasilia and sends confirmation documents to initiating Bank overseas.