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We work with our team and partners across all levels of the Biotech and Agro space, to evaluate the risks and opportunities inherent in the renewable industry, and we implement solutions that deliver the best products to our customers.

Our approach places our Company at the edge of transformative innovations and assimilates multifaceted energy and agro source trends to perfect an unmatched sales and delivery model to the customer. We are positioned to compete in the new Renewables industry landscape because we realize that every biomass molecule adds the maximum economic value.

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In addition to second generation biomass production and commodities trading, Agrobrasilia offers industrial consulting and management with a particular focus on sustainable agricultural projects, Biomass plant design and construction, and rural farm site development.

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Our trading department, assisted by local offices, proposes a wide range of transport and warehousing solutions.

Our logistical operations are handled by a small team of highly experienced individuals with thorough knowledge of documentation, be it shipping documents or import and export licenses.

Agrobrasilia's logistics staff are in Los Angeles, London, Capetown and Campinas. They are dedicated to offer our customers the best possible quality of service and are renowned for their professionalism and flexibility.


  • To offer the most innovative integrated biomass solutions to consumers globally.
  • To facilitate production of high quality non-GMO crops.
  • To source the best value commodities.
  • To propagate value addition.
  • To provide a market for all tradable agro commodities.
  • To provide consumers with a range of quality and affordable branded products.

Agrobrasilia aims to become a leading marketer and distributor of ethanol worldwide. Currently, we move ethanol to customers, provide risk management, and compliance solutions.

We have:

  • Access to over 600,000 barrels of storage space
  • Experienced Sales staff
  • Industry leading compliance experts
  • Highly skilled logistics staff
  • Exclusive and Non-exclusive marketing and trading plans available
  • Sugarcane crush and hedging plans available
  • Export capability creates exceptional profit opportunity when markets and logistics allow
  • RIN, LCFS and carbon credit capabilities provide additional profit optimization opportunities


  • State of the art agriculture producing technology and biomass facility development
  • Strongly skilled team of scientists and engineers capable of making the best strategic decisions for the crop
  • Management model based on strong onsite leadership
  • Sophistication and efficiency in product commercialization
  • Deep understanding of the commodities markets
  • Pricing strategies based on market trends and volatility
  • The monitoring of the hedging position and exposure is made through advanced controlling tools.