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Our Responsibility


As a Biomass producer and Agro/Industrial Commodities processor, we at Agrobrasilia serve vital needs for food, fuel and energy throughout the world. Our commitment, as we do so, is to deliver the right results, the right way.

The right way to us, includes working to help ensure the crops we source are responsibly grown. It means striving to lessen the environmental impact of our transportation, processing and distribution operations. It means we contribute to the quality of life in the communities where we live and work. And it means we do all we can to keep our colleagues safe.

In recent years, we have made significant progress toward our environmental goals and adopted strong supply-chain policies to help ensure that human rights and ecologically sensitive forestlands are respected and protected. We continued to make grants to support education, hunger relief, sustainable agriculture and other important causes.

We had our safest year ever in 2016, and extended our momentum into 2017. We continue to innovate to improve the efficiency and environmental footprint of our operations.

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Working to Advance Sustainable Agriculture Worldwide

Agrobrasilia connects innovative solutions to the world, exporting products for food, fuel, animal feed, chemical and energy uses. Because we occupy a prominent position in the agricultural value chain that extends from the farm to production facilities and the consumer’s plate, we work with our industry peers, trade associations, growers, governments, NGOs and operating communities to improve the quality and availability of non-gmo crops in the global supply chain, as well as the lives of farmers and communities that grow these crops.

In recent years, several certification bodies — including the Round Table on Responsible Soy, the International Sustainability organization, and Carbon Certification bodies have emerged to establish standards for the sustainable production and sourcing of soy meal and soy oil. We adhere to the strictest guidelines in that order, though in North America, no such program or system has yet gained widespread acceptance. We continue to work in innovative partnerships with companies that want to procure sustainably sourced crops.

Our Trade Group has teamed with producers to foster sustainable agriculture initiatives in order to ensure that the oil used in our soybean cooking brands is sustainably sourced. Using Field to Market’s Field print Calculator, which enables growers to analyze how their management choices impact natural resources and operational efficiency, our company has been able to secure soybeans from Brazilian farms that satisfy our stringent sustainability requirements, and meet our commitment to customers.