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Introduced in 2010, Agrobrasilia’s Integrated Management System (AIMS) standardizes all Group operational processes and practices in line with applicable ISO and IFC standards.

Agrobrasilia’s policies comply fully with both international standards and the requirements of the host countries within which we operate.

Our AIMS policy provides for the creation of a safe and healthy workplace and a clean environment for employees and the community. It aims at maintaining international standards in warehouse and processing, designs, equipment selection, and operations.

Regular performance review meetings are held to monitor our progress against agreed AIMS improvement plans.



As a food-related business, Agrobrasilia has a strong focus on quality management. The Group recently embarked on the process of implementing ISO standards to its operations, with the goal of maintaining quality and promoting food safety and an energy efficient, environmentally mindful, health and safety conscious business practice. Agrobrasilia complies with all global and national regulations required for commodity trading and distribution. We are steadily bringing all our operations into line with appropriate standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000 / HACCP, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001, SA 8000, IFC Performance Standards and ILO Conventions.


In all Agrobrasilia activities, we consider what impacts these may have on the environment and societies, while we are also determined that every employee should go home healthy and safe after every working shift at Agrobrasilia. To ensure that these goals are met, Agrobrasilia employees are regularly sent on training courses for general and fire safety, first aid, awareness of serious diseases (such as HIV, Malaria, Ebola, etc.), waste management, energy conservation, personal hygiene, housekeeping, reduction of pollutants and compliance with ISO and other Global standards.