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Agro Processing

Most developing countries lack robust agro-processing facilities. At Agrobrasilia, we focus our efforts on an integrative process that includes; building the processing plant, developing raw materials and technologies to produce renewables, and training local famers to promote next practices with sustainable outcomes. With our help, countries can build stronger economies and provide employment for their citizens.

While our Biomass division focuses on fuel and energy, and the marketing of bi-products i.e., ethanol, fertilizers, sugar, crop and animal feed, our Trading Company invests heavily in downstream agricultural processes including: cleaning, grading, processing and packaging of raw commodities into branded or near supermarket ready products.

  • Our strategic partners control some of the largest pulses processing plants in the world, with a total capacity of 100,000MT.
  • Agrobrasilia plans to build 10 pulses processing plants in strategic locations across Sub Saharan Africa beginnig in year 2020.