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Areas Of Innovation

The business world is going through an era of massive disruption. Information is flowing faster, technology is providing for more leveraged activity and innovative new market players are disrupting industries. We have noticed an increase in competition; not only in market share or sales, but in finding ways to grab the attention of the market.

Food vigilance is becoming more and more important. The agricultural products processing industry is transforming rapidly, while modern energy requirements expects us to invent new ways to produce and consume power.

Agrobrasilia and our partners work together to provide solutions for the conversion of Biomass into energy and eco-friendly chemicals to empower our global clients with innovative technologies for a healthier planet. Our ability to innovate today to meet the expectations of tomorrow’s customers enables us to respond to the specific nutritional needs of each sector of the population and to satisfy rapidly changing dietary habits and practices. Ensuring that our commodities and raw materials meet these demands, motivates our strive for excellence. We engage the status quo and impose a disruptive view to implement innovative change by harnessing nature’s immeasurable powers.

Agrobrasilia aims to work harder to help sustain a healthy planet through the continual improvement of our standards and our product quality lies at the heart of our Research and Development Strategy.

We believe that innovation is born out of collaboration. This is why we are involved in a number of projects that bring together key players from the industry’s public and private sectors. For pre-competitive research projects, we favor a partnership approach that focuses on the transfer of ideas innovative technological concepts and raw materials for Agriculture and Pharmaceutical products.