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Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate Philanthropy

Agrobrasilia’s philanthropic efforts stem from our belief in sharing our success with the less fortunate. Much of our philanthropic work is in Africa, especially via corporate social investment in areas like education and healthcare.

Given the growing urban-rural disparity in continental Africa, we believe that enhanced social and economic development will reap benefits for those living in the impoverished and rural areas. In our opinion, providing adequate educational and medical infrastructure will go a long way towards rural development.

Children’s Education and Welfare

  • Established The Yalley Foundation in 2009, which continues its efforts in public service projects under our “Project Hope” mission.
  • Plans are on the way to break ground for the Yalley Orphanage Center by third quarter 2020.
  • Planning a rehabilitation playroom and assistance program for indigent children with special needs.

Healthcare For Indigent Populations

  • Contributed to over 200 cataract operations for the elderly as at end 2015.
  • Donation of wheelchairs to the disabled and poor.
  • Funded medication for indigent patients.
  • Organized charitable events for children with terminal illness and the elderly in retirement homes.

Higher Education

  • Agrobrasilia advocates for investments in promoting the value of higher education through collaborations with tertiary institutions.
  • TYF Opportunity Scholarship Fund is set up to help students from Agricultural Institutions and Business Schools in developing countries, and will offer internships to eligible students at  Agrobrasilia's branch offices in South Africa, Brazil, and the U.S.A.