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The Quest to Replace Fossil Fuels

Making use of by-products and industrial waste is an important, sustainable and cost-effective way to replace a proportion of fossil-based raw materials.

Our Research Focus:

  • Find green alternatives to the fossil fuels used by our industrial units
  • Increase energy recovery from our by-products
  • Improve our energy efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint

Producing Electricity from Bagasse: Cogeneration

  • Bagasse, the fibrous residue that is left after the sugarcane crushing process, is burned in boilers to generate steam and power: this is known as cogeneration. Any electricity that is surplus to the needs of the plant is then sold to the conventional grid.
  • In Brazil, regular investment in cogeneration units has enabled our partners at Granbio to increase their electricity sales year-on-year.
  • During the sugar cane season, a co-gen facility generates enough energy from second-generation biomass to supply the region’s thermal power plants.
  • Boilers at the at the Ethanol manufacturing plant are also powered using the same energy source. During the energy cane season, the solution does not only meet the facility's own requirements, but also supplies electricity to the plantation's irrigation systems while selling off excess electricity to neighboring towns.