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Fertilizers and Raw Materials
Fertilizers play an essential role in supplying the world’s continuously growing population with sufficient food. Global competitive pressures on the industry are equally high. Successfully competing in the market over the long term requires maximum process safety and product quality, reduced plant and project management expenses, and total cost of ownership, as well as maximum investment security: By partnering with us, we make your fertilizer production goals our own.
Organic fertilizers differ from chemicals. They feed plants while rebuilding the soil’s structure. Soils with lots of organic material remain loose and airy, are better able to hold moisture and nutrients, foster growth of soil organisms, including earthworms and promote healthier root development.
There has never been a better time to partner with us and expand your distribution pipeline of organic crop feed products than now.  We are passionate about developing, manufacturing, and promoting organic crop feeds and fertilizers. Join us in sustaining the idea of environmental stewardship for the next generation. 
Benefits of our partnership program:
Wholesale Pricing:  Receive a substantial discount off of suggested retail pricing.
Net 30/60:  Tap into our extensive distribution pipeline. We offer distributors flexible 30/60-day payment plans.
Promotions:  We offer occasional promotions for our distributors to enable them to discount prices with no negative effect on profits.
Bulk Pricing:  We offer substantial discounts for distributors that buy in bulk.
Quick Shipment: We stock product at our warehouse facilities to ensure expedient delivery.
Quality Control: Unmatched Quality Control that is checked to meet industry standards of excellence.  We only supply the highest quality raw materials.
Distributor Inquiries:  We commit to promoting our distribution partners in media outlets.